Wednesday, 1 August 2012

BeautyUK News!!

Hello Everyone,

BeautyUK Glam Nails are about to release their Candy Collection.


National fashion cosmetics brand, beautyuk, is launching its brand new range of candy coloured nail polishes.

Available in five good-enough-to-eat shades and priced at just £1.99 each, this collection, which is part of beautyuk’s current glam nails range is set to fly off the shelves from the end of the month.

Bringing a pop of much needed colour to brighten the British summer, the candy collection is available in: lollipop (pink), gobstopper (turquoise), bon bon (yellow), jelly bean (purple), dolly mixture (mango).
Two of the shades (gobstopper and jelly bean) feature beautyuk’s new matte finish technology, for a fresh and innovative look.

Each individual bottle will be available online on at from 3rd August and in Superdrug stores from 3rd August.
beautyuk offers affordable, high quality make-up and cosmetics with the latest range of colours. For the full range of products,

Tee Dee xx


  1. Exciting! I love BeautyUK and use it loads, it applies really nicely and is great quality for the price (definitely gives an excuse to buy all the colours ;-) the orangey/yellow looks gorgeous, it's potentially the shade I keep looking for and can't find! EXCITED!

  2. It looks like really gorgeous and bright colors, just the way I like them, thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, these colours should really pop--what great shades!

  4. I picked up Jelly Bean on Friday as it's the kind of purple I've been looking for forever, and it's so amazing. It dries neon-matte but is flawless in 2 coats :D

  5. Ooh bought Jelly Bean and Gobstopper, both are gorgeous! xxx


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