Friday, 23 September 2011

Mushroom Holo Spectraflair Fraken

Hello Lovely People

I have another spectraflair fraken post, this time my attempt at a brown. I wanted a deep chocolate brown holo, instead I got a mushroom. I'll take that. Please excuse the horrific cuticles :-( Ahhh they disgust me! Why can't I have have pretty fingers?!

I only stopped adding more of the Miss Sporty polish because I had reached the top of the bottle! I like this fraken. So while I'm now in a habit in naming my creations (oooh check me out) I call this creation, Mushy Brown. Original I know. It's quite a nice colour, a hint of purple in there, a nice fit for Autumn. I still want my dark chocolate holo though! Will have to work on that one.

Recipe (approx)
5 drops Nails Inc Jermyn Street
5 drops Rimmel 60 Seconds Torrid
3 drops Beauty UK Golden Chesnut
1/4 bottle Miss Sporty Simply Brown
Rest Clear Polish
3 Scoops Spectraflair

Thank you for reading as always!

Tee Dee xx


  1. This colour is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
    I would buy that off you - seriously :)
    P.S thanks for my blog award :) I have another one for you too over at my blog :)

  2. This is sooooo gorgeous! I really like the shape of your nails too.

  3. Very pretty. I really like these sorts of shades. I love your colour idea too, I think I might have to try make chocolate brown holo 'creation' too.

  4. Another pretty holo franken - thanks for sharing your recipe. I love these earthy sort of colours that have the magic about them.

  5. @ Cara Robinson thanks and your welcome!

  6. @ Meeta thank you. I need to sort my fingers out though :-)

  7. @ Kitties26 Thank you. Give it a go, your recipes are great. A lovely choco holo mmmmm :-)

  8. @ Gotham Polish and @ Pailette Thank you! :-)

  9. @ Catkin, Thank you. I do too, greens and browns :-)

  10. @ im-feelingnail-venturous, ah thank you :-)


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