Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!! + OPI Ink

Hello Everyone!!

Happy New Year to you all!! Hope you have a wonderful evening what ever you may be doing. I thought I would show you one of the wonderful polishes which I won in Melanie's giveaway @ The Color Palette, OPI - Ink.

Natural Light

With Flash

This is 3 coats of OPI - Ink, a gorgeous purple shimmer with duochrome flecks! Such a wonderful prize.

Once again, have a great evening. Speak to you all in the new year!

Tee Dee xx

Friday, 30 December 2011

Markwins @ Asda - Baby's Breath

Hello Everyone!

Happy Friday to you all. Today I have a full swatch of Baby's Breath, the green iridescent shimmer I found in the Asda nail gift set I featured here. The set is created by Markwins International the same cosmetics company which own other brands such as Wet N Wild.

Natural Light

With Flash

This is 1 coat of Baby's Breath over Miss Sporty - Black. Has a slight colour shift in natural light, but wow the flash shots really ping. Bet this would look nice over white too. Reminds me of an iridescent beetle.

 Enjoy All

Tee Dee xx

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dollish Polish - Welcome To Forks

Hello peoples

How are you all? My waistband feels like it has expanded by 2 inches, but hey ho it's the holidays! Today I have the second Dollish Polish I purchased Welcome to Forks, inspired by the film Twilight. I'm gonna admit it...I've never seen Twilight (I told you I'm light years behind everyone) so I had no idea about the reference

                                                                 Indoors with Flash

     Shade (Natural Light)

Isn't this gorgeous. I had to show you the flash pics first as Welcome to Forks comes alive with some light. This is 2 coats, and I had no problem with application. I love it, it's a blackened green shimmer. Once again I got this for a couple of dollars on Dollish Polish on Etsy.

Dolly has also informed me that larger bottles of Toxic Avenger which I featured here will be available in the new year! Oh Yesssh, that's going on my new years wish list :-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

P.s I have completed the first Hunger Games book....eagerly awaiting books 2 and 3!! It was blooming brilliant!! I recommend it and now I know why everyone is so excited about the film.

Tee Dee xx

Saturday, 24 December 2011

LA Girl Addict - Intoxicate

A very merry Xmas to you all!!

I haven't got a Christmas mani for you, tried a little stamping yesterday and it failed miserably! So I thought I would show the final polish out of the LA girl addict collection which I got from Cherry Culture - Intoxicate. My application was slightly sloppy on this one for some reason. I did try to be neat, honest. I just had one of them days when your really clumsy for no reason.

                                                                      Direct Sunlight


                                                                 Indoors with Flash

Eeek! sloppy application but swit swoo what a stunner of a polish! Intoxicate is a rich plum shade containing the same golden shimmer we've seen in the other two polishes I swatched here and here. The golden shimmer only really shows under artificial or direct sunlight. But look at that glow! AND nearly a one coater like the other two. These are currently still for sale on Cherry Culture online for $2.50 each (approx £1.60).

On another note, after seeing the upcoming Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze (google it if you haven't) I was like "Hunger Games? Huh? Who??" (Yes I'm light years behind everyone).  I've now bought the first book, and I'm currently at chapter 6. I'm liking it a lot although I keep on picturing Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Running Man for some reason?

Once again, enjoy your day tomorrow!!

Tee Dee xx

Friday, 23 December 2011

Asda Nail Polish? Huh?

Hello All

I thought I would share with you a interesting nail polish set I picked up in Asda. Yes Asda! Usually supermarket gift sets are rather pants, but this one caught my eye.

Baby's Breath over Rimmel Black

Sorry about my crappy pics. I'll try and get some of these shades swatched properly. The set contains 10 nail polish shades, including two holographic glitters, a pink polish containing white flakes and a iridescent green shimmer. It also contains cuticle remover and massage cream and nail files. Price? an economical £9.99!! The star of the show is Baby's breath it reminds me a lot of OPI Electric Eel.

Some of these polishes I think will be great for layering.

Found any good Xmas polish sets?

Tee Dee xx

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dollish Polish - Toxic Avenger

Hello Everyone

3 more sleeps til Christmas. I haven't wrapped one blooming present up! so behind tut tut. Today I have for you one of the frankens I purchased off Etsy from Dollish Polish - Toxic Avenger. Saw this on a couple of other blogs and it looked amazing. I wanted it so bad.


My pictures do this polish no justice, it's 1000 times better then what my pictures show. Toxic Avenger is a glass flecked duochrome holo!! Think Orly Space Cadet with some holo goodness. Toxic Avenger has that same blue jelly base. I paid $4.25 for 5mls (about £2.70). So wish the bottles were bigger...might have to stock up on this bad boy.

ALSO I won another giveaway!!! woo woo. I won Tokki and Oliver's Christmas Giveaway. Her prize was a mystery goody bag and it arrived yesterday! Look at the amazing prizes I got! I got my first Julep nail polish. I'm so very grateful to Tokki and Oliver, so check her blog out it's a great read!

That's all for now folks.

Tee Dee xx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Topshop News - New Crackle Collection and More

Hello All

Tophop have joined the crackle craze and have released 5 new crackle polishes.





They also have a new addition to their Metallic Range


AND also two new Nail art pens



All available from Topshop here. Nail polishes are £6.00 each and pens £6.50.


Tee Dee xx
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