Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Topshop Metallics - New Shades

Hello All

New additions to Topshop's Metallic Nails line -


MISSILE - Metallic Blue

BLITZ - Pink

Available from Topshop priced at £6.00 each.

Tee Dee xx

Monday, 28 November 2011

Fugly Nails

Howdy Peeps

Today I have a very unusual colour a no name HCMJ polish which I picked up in a pound shop. It's a tan brown with green iridescent shimmer.

Excuse the middle finger, I knocked it then had to touch up which didn't work very well

This is 4 coats, very sheer and formula totally pants, it really was a nightmare to apply. Gloopy and smelly, but I kinda like the colour. I might see how this would look layered over something like Topshop's Bourbon.

Have a lovely week all

Tee Dee xx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Reptilian Nails - Nail Pop Kimono

Hello all

I made a trip to Westfields Stratford on Thursday for some Christmas shopping. While I was there I popped into Superdrugs where my intention was to pick up Barry M's new Lilac Foil Effects polish. I came across the new Look Beauty stand containing Nail Pop polish, a make-up range created by Look Magazine. One shade in the Nail Pop collection stood out by miles, Kimono as it looked kinda similar to Channel Peridot. I'm supposed to be on really limited Nail polish funds at the mo, but I had some money on my Superdrugs card which covered the cost. Yay! I thought I had a Channel dupe on my hands. How wrong was I....

Channel Peridot is painted on my middle finger with 2 coats. Kimono applied to the rest with also 2 coats. I hate to say it...Peridot pales in comparison! Did I actually just say that? I love Peridot, I lusted after it for months, but Kimono is well, WOW. It's a darker and more reptilian looking duochrome so if your an individual who prefers a subtle polish then maybe this isn't for you. Kimono shifts from dark green/light green/gold/brown/red. Application was perfect.

I also picked a couple of LA Colors from beauty base for 99p and bought the new Barry M Lilac foil effects (swatches soon) I did make a trip to Kiko but I had to tear myself away without making a purchase :-(

Price £5.00 and available from selected Superdrugs stores.

Tee Dee xx

Friday, 25 November 2011

W7 - Purple Paradise

Hello Everyone

Today for you I have a stunning purple polish. W7 - Purple Paradise. Esther @ Fabfingertips mentioned this a couple of weeks back in one of my posts so I thought I would swatch it for you all to see its glorious glow.

Simply stunning. The application was really good on this one. Esther mentioned what good quality this is, and I totally agree with her. Still a smelly formula but that's what you get when a brand isn't big 3 free. This is 3 coats. Purple Paradise is purple based jelly containing what I can only describe as a 'pink glow'. Price? £1.99. I ordered this online from here plus shipping was included.

Don't forget to check out Esther's Blog Fabfingertips as she is totally fabulous!! and the fact I can drool over her Models Own Beetlejuice collection until I get mine :-)

Take care

Tee Dee xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Midnight Holo

Hello there!

After seeing a bazillion A-England Tristam swatches, I knew what I wanted. BUT I'm skint and currently on a 'no buy' ban til after Christmas. Being a student and having a unhealthy love of expensive polish is a not just a bad mix, it's a damn travesty! There is so many polishes I want right now. My budget just doesn't stretch far enough.

So I needed an alternative until January arrives. I dug out one of my favourite gorgeous blue shimmers, Rimmel - Midnight Blue. I painted 2 coats then used 1 coat of my home made holographic topcoat.

These pics were taken on a sunny but very misty day, as the sun was setting. My camera wasn't picking up the gorgeous holo-y effect I was seeing. So I decided to take some indoor flash shots for you all.

Darker then Tristam I think from the web pics? but I love this combo! I had this on for 3 days, I lurvvve it so much. It looks much linear in reality. THEN I thought well...while I'm at it, why not an attempt at a duochrome-holo like an Ozotic Pro Mish Mash? (another polish collection that I will never see *sob*).

Rimmel Midnight Blue + Holo Topcoat + 1 coat Red-Green Colour Changing Topcoat.

I've been seeing  a lot of Galaxy Nails posts in the 31 day nail challenge. I haven't got the patience or skills to attempt the challenge, but I think this wouldn't be a bad 'Galaxy Nails' mani.

What do you all think? Sorry for the huge amount of pics, I get a little over excited :-D

Tee Dee xx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Illamasqua Scarab vs MUA Shade 7

Hello Everyone

Remember I showed you my spider Halloween mani a couple weeks back with Illamasqua Scarab? Well I thought I would show you a Scarab comparison with one of MUA polishes, Shade 7. Why? Because Shade 7 is a whole lot easier to find.

Illamasqua Scarab is on my middle finger, the rest are painted with MUA Shade 7. Only 1 coat of each. Not bad coverage from either. Scarab was clearly a better formula, Shade 7 applied slightly streaky. Scarab is darker and richer, and also contains more golden shimmer. MUA Shade 7 isn't a bad polish though by any means, great value for its price (just £1) plus it's on the same wave length to Scarab. In fact I really love Shade 7. AND guess what? I made a spectraflair franken with these two juicy polishes. I haven't swatched it yet, but keep posted! the first sunny day I get I'll be out in the garden with my camera :-)

Once again I tried my red-green colour changing topcoat, just to see how it would look. So far every time I've used it, it has completely changed the tone of the base polish. I wanted to see how it would work with a red based polish.

Not a bad huh? The lovely winner of my giveaway won a bottle of this, so hopefully she'll like it :-)

Take care and thanks for reading peeps

Tee Dee xx

Monday, 21 November 2011

ETUDE HOUSE Petit Darling Nails - Mystic Purple PP904

Hello Everyone

Today I have for you another Etude House Polish, this time Mystic Purple PP904. Saw this on a couple of other blogs and I knew I had to have it. It's definitely a unique colour in my collection.

This was very nearly a 1 coater! I did 2, but that's because I'm rubbish. The coverage on this was amazing. Mystic Purple PP904 is a dusky purple with bronze and brown glowing shimmer. Not a great description, but this one is really hard to describe. It's a beautiful polish anyhoo. Got this gorgeous polish for £2.65 with free shipping on ebay.

On another note the Barry M Lilac Foil Effects promotion in Superdrugs featured (here) is due to start in store from Wednesday 23rd November (allegedly). I emailed the press office because I've been trying to hunt it down like a mad woman along with the Gosh Winter collection (which should already be available in stores...apart from stores near me it seems!). I'm going to the new Westfields in Stratford on Thursday, hopefully they will have a Superdrugs.

So just to let ya know :)

Tee Dee xx
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