Friday, 25 May 2012

Glossy Box - May Anniversary...Bald Eyebrows Anyone??

Hello Peoples

I have a confession! I signed back up to Glossy Box. I was missing my monthly fix of beauty products, so back on the Glossy Box bandwagon I went. Plus it was Glossy Box's Anniversary. Here's what I got...

Osmon Berber Hair Treatment (rrp £19.99 for 100mls) - This smells lush, like a bag of pic 'n' mix but nicer. Its apparently a treatment for dry and wet hair. Very much looking forward to using this.

Apivita Express Beauty Masks (rrp £3.50 per sachet) Looks okay, glad I got two sachets, I know others got a tube of mud mask, but I'm happy with the sachets...honestly *sigh*.

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel (rrp not stated) - This is another product which smells divine. A British bath and body brand inspired by the Bristish Isles. Look forward to taking this on holiday with me.

Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blan and Eau de Parfum (rrp £65, 100mls). These also smell sweet and summery. Glad to see two samples as these are usually free.

FREE Glossy Box Mirror - Nice touch Glossy Box, quite handy too.

HD Brows Grow Baby Grow (rrp £29.95 per tube) - Now this one made me raise a brow (excuse the bad pun). I was like huh what's this? Not the fact it was for the folically challenged in the brow department which confused me, some people do suffer from having sparse eyebrows due to over plucking, illness and the alike, however Glossy box stated the wrong info on the product card.

As you can see Glossy Box states Grow Baby Grow is for fine lines and to firm delicate skin, although this clearly designed for helping eyebrow growth on the HD brow info.

Overall I'm happy with this months box, I feel I've actually got my money's worth and all the products smell gorgeous. I know some people was unhappy with receiving false eyelashes made with real human hair, instead of the pricier HD brow products. Once again I think age has something to do with it...maybe those over a certain age stop wearing false eyelashes and start going brow bald?? No, on a serious note, I think Glossy Box should really consider having a universal box, as consumers are always going to think the glossy box is greener on the other side.

Whats in your box? Anything you like/dislike?

Tee Dee xx


  1. thats a great box.. mine wasnt nearly a good as yours :(

  2. Ahaha, that was a funny mistake about the brow stuff. XD
    Great looking box!! :O I LOVE Lolita Lempicka!!!

  3. You make a very good point about the box being universal. Just freaked out a little bit when you said the lashes were from human hair... for some reason that's a little bit too weird for me so don't think I'll be using my lashes, lol! Your box looks lavely, v jealous of the hair treatment, though glad I didn't get the brow treatment as my eyebrows already grow at a ridiculously alarming rate! xxx

  4. @Emma, I think I'd be a little grossed out too. Where does this hair come from? Ewww

  5. I was gutted to get a collection 2000 gel eye liner! How is that a luxury product? I think all the boxes should hold the same value. I wasn't too impressed with mine.


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