Saturday 25 January 2014

Polish Sale on Ebay

Hey all....

Long time no post eh? Well it's been a hectic year and I no longer have the time to blog anymore. I miss it so much!! Along with having to restrict my living expenses...I can no longer justify spending on polish (boo hoo).

I always hoped to return to posting but it just hasn't materialised unfortunately. Maybe after the summer I can return. Anyways for UK readers who may be interested I have put up some of my rare polishes in my collection for sale on eBay (sacrilege I know) but I'd rather these go to a better home. I have two rare OPI polishes on there...OPI glacier bay blues and OPI movin out. I know these will be on a few people's lemming list, so here's your chance. I could of done a polish sale on here but ebay was a lot more convenient.

If you do have a look hope you find something you like :)


Tee Dee

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