Thursday, 13 October 2011

Liquorice Nails - Boots 17 Magnetic Nail Polish - Grey

Howdy folks

After showing you three Boots 17 Magnetic Nail polishes last week, I was still missing one of the collection, Grey. So of course I had to have it!

I love it! It looks like liquorice. I'm liking this season's nail trend very much. My boyfriend even let me paint his nails with this! I already had polish on and we were round a friends house. I wanted to try it out. He agreed for a laugh.  He usually takes the micky out of my nail polish obsession, but when I painted them, he seemed quite taken with it and kept on staring at his nails, it was hilarious! He wouldn't let me take any pictures though, which was a shame :-)

So verdict? Boots 17 Magnetic Polish Rocks or Not?...IT totally Rocks!

Tee Dee xx


  1. These magnetic polishes are fabulous. I loved reading about your boyfriends reaction - very cool.
    NOW - who will be the first to discover the magic ingredient to magnetic polishes so we can franken our own!!

  2. AMAZING, need to get my hands on some of this!

  3. Thanks everyone! @Catkin - wouldn't a magnetic fraken be cool!

  4. Oooh this shade is lovely too! :)

  5. Just saw this in real life for the first time today - my 2 nearby Boots where I routinely shop don't stock these yet (or the new Orly display), but the big one in town does. Didn't buy any yet as I had left some Boots tokens at home! I will get some soon though - apparently the price will go up on 2nd Nov. The effect looks great - is it easy to work with?

    As for your boyfriend letting you do his nails with this - good for him! As a guy who wears nail polish all the time I'm all for it!

  6. @ Andy These are really easy. I'm really sloppy, so if they work ok for me, anyone can use them. They were on promotion for £4.99 when I got this one but it did say that it's only for a limited time period.


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