Thursday, 20 October 2011

Marks and Spencer Holo - Rainbow

Afternoon All!

Did you know that Marks and Spencers have a holo in their nail polish collection!? Well they do! It's part of their Perfection Long Wear Nail Lacquer collection. Meet Rainbow, a gorgeous alternative to Gosh Holographic.


This is very similar to Gosh's formula although easier to work with. This is 3 coats as it's quite sheer. Not as holographic as Gosh, not so linear and more subdued but still very pretty...less 'in your face' futuristic looking. Drying time wasn't great though, and it also chipped very easily. I suggest using a topcoat, even if it dulls the effect slightly.

Costs £7.50. On the expensive side, but it is Marks and Spencer's. In the famous words of the Commercial 'This is not just polish, this is Mark and Spencer's Polish'. Also available online here.

Have any of you ladies got this one?

Tee Dee xx


  1. I don't although I did have a lovely M&S silver at one point which I bought in their sale years ago for £1. I have very fond memories of it!
    This looks lovely :-)

  2. Wowwwww love this!! Definitely going to nip down and get some :)

  3. omg this HOLO is amazing!!! Love it

  4. I tried loking for this a while back in my local M&S but didn't have it, you can buy online though,, I normally go to brighton but they'd run out there. It looks a bit like DS Coronation.

  5. Hi! I only recently found your blog - always interested in UK based nail blogs that show me things I can actually buy rather than just long for from the US... I didn't know about this holo - thanks for sharing - I love the effect of GOSH Holographic, and since it is discontinued will gewt one of these as a backup. I did find the GOSH one to have a truly horrible formula - it seems this is an inprovement, which is good!

  6. Hi Andy Welcome! Yeah It's an altertive which is always good! Gosh holographic I think has the worst application of any polishes I own. It is a stunner though :-)

  7. A couple of blog questions - is there a way to subscribe to comments to a particular posting (so I don't miss a reply to a comment I have left)? Also my previous comment (and this one) appeared to get rejected the first time I tried to post - but fortunately I am persistent! Odd

    GOSH: Holographic - I agree - worst formula EVER - only way I can use it is to put a coat of thin topcoat between layers.

    M&S Rainbow: I was in town today and picked up the last bottle in the display! Looking forward to trying it out sometime.

  8. @Andy Oh you got a bottle! Thats great. I couldn't find it anywhere. About the comments subscription? erm I'm a bit poo. I'm relatively new to blogger and didn't know you could do that. I'll try and look into this week and sort something out. Thanks for the heads up! Comments being rejected?, again I'm baffled, don't know what causes these little bugs but I'll try and see if anyone else knows what can cause it.


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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