Saturday, 22 October 2011

Topshop Smoke and Mirrors Nail Polish - Bourbon

Hello Everyone!

Today I have the second polish in Topshop's Smoke and Mirrors Collection - Bourbon. A deliciously named dark chocolate jelly polish. Mmmmm Chocolate Bourbon, one of my favourite biscuits coincidentally.

In Sunlight

In Shade


This is 3 coats of Bourbon. A few application problems but no biggies. Not as opaque as Lady Marmalade but still good coverage. I think this one is the most anticipated shade out of the collection and I can see why. Their ain't many shades like this on the British commercial nail polish market, you go into Boots or Superdrugs, there's not many dark chocolate jelly polishes on the shelves. Miss Sporty had one in their collection but its hard to find. More chocolate cremes please...the polish kind.

Fun Bourbon Fact: The Bourbon biscuit is over 100 years old. Not looking too bad for its age is it?

Enjoy everyone!

Tee Dee xx


  1. I think this is a great base color

  2. This is such a pretty color!

  3. That's gorgeous, I see a trip to Topshop in my not too distant future. I think I may have picked up a bottle of the Miss Sporty polish you mentioned in Superdrug the other day.

  4. lovely! :D please follow my blog to enter my giveaway! :D

  5. mmmmmmmm i'm off to get a bourbon from the fridge right after i write this comment!! haha love this colour, Topshop are so on trend with their nail colours, i love it :) also your nails are immense, such a good shape!


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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