Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Orly Fantasea vs Stargazer 128

Evening Everyone!

Well I've been meaning to swatch more Stargazers since I featured Stargazer - 121 here. But like a lazy madame, I never got round to it. Well I dug out Stargazer - 128 and thought that it looked slightly similar to Orly - Fantasea. Well, only one way to find out. Comparison swatch.

I used 3 coats of Orly - Fantasea on my middle finger and 3 coats of Stargazer - 128 on the rest. Very similar, both quite sheer, both super glowy and iridescent. Fantasea is slightly more purple base while 128 has a more red tone. They both contain that stunning golden shimmer. Application wise, Stargazer was easier to apply in my opinion, although it had that notorious smelling formula. Orly was a little bit harder to apply, sightly thicker and dragged a little. For the polish collectors out there, not dupes, but very similar. My mum would tell me off for buying both, but I'm glad I have them!

Price? Well Stargazers are pretty cheap for a UK brand only £2.50 each (14ml) available from their online Store here. Orly is slightly more expensive ranging from £5-£9 (18ml) depending on where you buy. I got mine off ebay. I also have Stargazer 127 which is also similar to both of these, but more pink/gold. I'll try and get a swatch of that also :-)

Which do you prefer? Have you tried any of these?

Tee Dee xx


  1. I like the Stargazer one better! I still need to try their polishes!

  2. I like them both fantasea has been on my wishlist for a while.

  3. I like the stargazer one better too! I only have one stargazr polish and it's a PITA pastel, will have to try more but New L:ook aren't selling them anymore *angry face*

  4. I have this Stargazer one too, it's gorgeous, one of my favourites. Saves me having to get the Orly one now!

    Helly - you can order direct from the Stargazer website and postage is very reasonable.

  5. Ohh i like them both, theyre so similar i cant choose!

  6. starglaze is gorgeous! are they B3F?

  7. @Mei Mei, I don't think they are? I've searched the net as they don't list their ingredients on their bottles but I can't find anything.

  8. I bought this polish because of your swatches today. Great pics and thanks.

  9. @MK oh great! Love both of these polishes. Stargazer 121 is a goodun too


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