Thursday, 27 October 2011

Topshop - Poison Ivy

Howdy Peoples

Green polish today! They cheer me up. I've been sporting China Glaze Westside Warrior mostly this week and I loves it. Now, a different kinda green...Topshop - Poison Ivy. A deep green shimmer, has an almost glass flecked  appearance, well contains smaller particles then say Zoya Edyta? (dunno if I'm making sense or talking doo doo but I shall continue)

Superb pigmentation in this one, only required 2 coats, and I was being extra again. Love the blackened look of Poison Ivy, the name reminds me of Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy Character in Batman and Robin.

Well, I couldn't leave it alone could I. Poison Ivy presented me with a marvelous opportunity to try my Colour Changing Topcoat on a dark green.

Again like my other experiments with this topcoat it changed the tone of Poison Ivy when layered over the top. Really complex I think, If your a fan of dark murky polishes, you might like this combo. I loved it (of course).

So was I done? Who Me? Never? I then went into a wild frenzy and decided that I needed something more...''Flakies!'' I told myself practically frothing at the mouth, ''I need flakies!!!''...So I then went a bit stupid and added a coat of Nubar 2010.

It actually didn't go too bad. A tad to far perhaps, but he who dares and all that malarky.

What do you think? Ever gone a step too far with a wild layering frenzy?

Tee Dee xx


  1. I love your colour-changing topcoat!!

  2. I liked the green just as it was plain and stunning! Green makes me happy too!

  3. i have been looking for a green like that for ages. how much are they?

  4. Nice! I like it with the colour morph topcoat

  5. I like the layered crazyness you ended up with, but I'm a sucker for flakies:)

  6. this really is an amazing colour!

  7. @Musical.x They are £5 each, although you get discount with a student card

  8. i think it looks amazing :)
    thank you for following me back ;) <3

  9. Hard not to like anything with 2010 over it, but I thought it looked just fine before you added 2010 over the top - what do you think of the CND effect polishes? I quite often use one of them over something that doesn't _really_ need it...

  10. @Andy. Funnily enough I've just received my first CND effects polish, Copper. Haven't tried any of them before


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