Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Beginning - A Vintage Misa Polish

Well hello there...

Is anyone there? Well hopefully there will be, otherwise I'm rambling to myself (not an uncommon occurrence). So here is my first blogging nail post and it feels like a start of a voyage, a new beginning.

Why did I decide to begin this journey. Well, I had been contemplating the idea of a nail blog for months but my nails just would not grow to an acceptable length. Weeks past, and still no beautiful long nails appeared.

So I thought sod it, I'm off to the nail shop to get acrylics. It was there that I discovered my first swatch. When picking my mani colour, I stumbled upon this beauty. I never knew what it was until I got home as the bottle had no label, but I knew it was a rare find. But who was I going to share this news with? Nobody, I had NOBODY! No one to get excited with about this little gem of a find.

I have always been a nail polish fan, but over the last 12 months this hobby had turned into an obsession. All the nail polishes I had somehow accumulated needed to be put to good use. That is the start of my story folks.

So lets get on with it. The polish that started it all. Misa Four Leaf Clover.

Misa Four Leaf Clover is a gorgeous forest green polish with copper flecks. I loved it as soon as I spotted it, I was half debating whether to offer to buy the near empty bottle from the shop. I didn't have the guts to ask, they would have thought I was a loon.

I have no idea when Misa released this polish, I did try to research but couldn't find any info.

Despite how my hands look in the pic, this green really suited my skin tone and wasn't as red as my camera shows.

Enjoy and hopefully more posts to follow and some followers to follow the posts (ya get me)

Tee Dee x


  1. I remember this feeling, and yes! lots of people are reading but most don't comment - lol... Wanted to welcome you and am happy to be your first "official" reader. :)

  2. Aww thank you! You've made my day! xx

  3. love your blog sweetie! - added you to my blog list - to get more interest in your awesome blog x


    PS WEEE! another UK blogger!

  4. That you so much Sarahlouise!!, your super for doing that! :-) xx

  5. I've worked my way back to the start! There were more polishes I have as well - all ones I really like. Since it seems you like mostly the same type of polish as me I'll keep an eye out for your new posts and your tips on cool UK-purchasable polish! All the best, and sorry for swamping your blog with my comments this evening!

  6. @Andy, thank you for taking the time. Hopefully you can see my progression :-) and no need to apologise, it's nice to have a bit of interaction :-)


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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