Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hidden Shimmer...Accessorize - Colorado

Hello Everyone.

Yup its still raining here in London. We've had approximately 0% sunshine this Summer. I know moaning about the weather is a British pastime but seriously, I've not worn my sandals at all this year! Eurgh. Onto polish talk. Today's polish was released by Accessorize for the Spring, its part of a collection consisting of American themed shades. This one is called Colorado.


Natural Light

This is 3 coats of Colorado. Its a light grey shade containing the most pretty pinkish hidden shimmer. It has a real ethereal feel to it. Thought I wasn't going to like this one much but I think I like it the most. The shimmer isn't as prominent I would have hoped, but still a very nice and unique colour. Price £2.95 (I think?) from Superdrugs.

Tried this one?

Tee Dee xx


  1. It looks awesome! We've just started having the standard range from Accessorize, and not even all of them.

  2. The shimmer makes it really interesting, great polish!

  3. That's such a beautiful color!

  4. At first I thought it was another grey polish, but then I noticed the pink shimmer. Very pretty! Like it a lot!

  5. oooh lovely shimmer and the price is good, in Mondoon they are £4 I think for the polishes x

  6. Love the shimmer in this one! If I made a Colorado polish, it would probably be white, for snow, or brown, for the mountains, but this is pretty.

  7. That's such a unique shade, I love it :) xx

  8. What an interesting color!
    And the shimmer in it, its gorgeous!
    Already joined your blog :)

  9. Very pretty! The hidden shimmer makes this amazing!

  10. That has to be the most perfect grey I've ever seen!


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