Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jade Holographic - Vermelho Surreal

Hello Everyone!

Finally my usb lead arrived for my camera although I've treated myself and ordered a new Nikon for passing my degree. Its only a compact digital one, but I'm looking forward to getting a new camera as mine has seen better days. I also treated myself to a couple of the new Jade holographic polishes as they looked so pretty. I got two, this one is called Vermelho Surreal.


This is 2 coats of Vermelho Surreal. A red linear holographic polish. Apparently a Brazilian brand (they do some cool polish over there). Its advertised as a 'true' red polish, although I would disagree and say it leans slightly on a copper tone. The formula was quite jelly like for a holo but had good coverage.

I got mine on Llarowe for $10.00 each. Bottles are not massive but this polish looks amazing in the sunshine. Also don't forget, last two days to enter my giveaway!!

What do you think? 

Tee Dee xx


  1. I really like it! Gorgeous colour on its own and the holo just makes it better :P

  2. That is a gorgeous colour!

  3. Love this! What a gorgeous red!

  4. this is absolutely beautiful!!

  5. wow! this one is amazing! i love holos

  6. Ohhh I need to get my hands on some Jade Holos!


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