Friday, 27 July 2012

Makeup Store - Kaja

Hi ya all, 

Today I have another holo to show you. While its sunny I might as well take advantage of it you never know when it will be out next here! I picked this up on my trip to Carnaby Street a couple of weeks back. I don't normal splurge on high end polishes but I couldn't resist. This is Makeup Store's - Kaja. I also picked up a teal holo Charmaine.

This is two coats of Kaja. A cornflower blue with a subtle holo shimmer. Like the colour of this one, although the holo doesn't appear strong. Formula was okay bit thicker than I was expecting, nothing like the other holos which Makeup Store has such as Madeleine. Overall this is a bit of a disappointment for £11. I don't know if other brands have spoiled me such as Glitter Gal with polishes such as Lizard Belly and the Jades which I've shown this week. Maybe I'm beginning to develop polish rot where I'm not appreciating polishes through over exposure. Dunno?

What do you think? Would you pay £11 for Kaja

Tee Dee xx


  1. This is a beautiful polish. Sorry to hear it was a disappointment!

  2. Too bad. This is a gorgeus periwinkle color!

  3. I hate the disappointment with an expensive polish! If you are going to charge more the formula should be perfect! :)

  4. Even if holo isn't strong, it still looks very nice :)

  5. Is not really holografic, but it's a nice color.
    I understand you're disappointed.


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