Friday, 14 September 2012

Angelica Polish at Primark - Vertigo

Howdy folks,

Got a Primark polish find for you today, Angelica Polish - Vertigo. I was like ooooh! when I spotted the stand.

This is three coats of Vertigo. A peacock blue-green shade with iridescent shimmer. At first I thought it was a duochrome metallic however once I got swatching it had more of a shimmer jelly finish like similar to Bloom Bianca, although Bianca has a gold shimmer. VERY impressed with this, thought it was going to stink but it didn't. It applied superbly and dried in good time. Price? £2.50 a bottle.

Tried any Angelica Polishes?

Tee Dee xx


  1. Hi I have a few from this brand and I agrre they are lovely and a great price , I love this shade :D

  2. Great polish for the price! I haven't seen these (don't go in Primark often enough I suppose) but had good results with Primark polish in the past.

  3. Teal <3 I'm never tired of blue/green polishes...I've got almost a ton but I'll keep on buying them...


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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