Sunday, 16 September 2012

H&M - Chica Boom Boom

Morning peoples,

I found this little number lurking in the cupboard. I had no idea I bought it? Obviously I must have, although its kinda scary that I'm not even remembering what I buy anymore! This is H&M's Chica Boom Boom.

 This is three coats of Chica Boom Boom. A bright orange which smacks you in the face 'Tango stylee'. It's a very deep orange, almost cherry red. Not at all the right colour for my skin tone (like that's going to stop me). This looks very bright in real life, my old battered camera doesn't do this one justice. Formula was a little thin and watery, but I sure it will thicken up as I use it more. Whilst I have no recollection of buying this one, I'm sure glad I did.

Have you ever purchased products without any conscious knowledge of the event?

Tee dee xx

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