Saturday, 1 September 2012

Opi - German-icure

Hello All,

I've finally got my grubby mitts on two of the new OPI Germany Collection. I only ordered two as I can't go too mad with the polish spending. Today I'm showing you German-icure.

This is 2 coats of German-icure. A black based vampy red shimmer. Has a slight orange shift to it. So glowy, looks gorgeous in the sun. The brush I thought was slightly wider than usual, but the formula was good.

I'm going to see if I have time to do a comparison post with this one, as I think its similar to a few others in my collection. I got mine off ebay for about £4.00 but I think I had to pay a stupid amount in postage from the States.

What you you think? Perfect Autumn colour?


  1. Oh oh oh that is GORGEOUS! I already thought I wanted it, but now I know for sure. Dammit. Argh.

  2. Very Cool... I am going to buy this Opi German icure today.

  3. I love this, just wore it the other day. It GLOWS!

  4. I bought this at the weekend and I love it!!!!!!! xx


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