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Feelunique Beauty Box - January

Hi there

Yup, I'm a bit behind with my posting. Sorry. I got this last week and I've not really had much time to dedicate to my blog, I have an essay due which means I have 'chronic procrastination syndrome' which I'm trying to combat.

So a quick post on what I received this month from Feelunique (I used the Feelunique images for products as mine were a bit rushed, so images may be of full product sizes)

First up...

Lierac Coherence L.IR Infrared Lifting Cream 15ml - Usually £56.55 for 50ml

Good size sample although I'm not sure what age range is this product is designed for?

'Drawing inspiration from dermatological infrared laser techniques, this advanced formula, with its soft and velvety texture, helps reactivate the synthesis of collagen fibers. Featuring combination of collagen III accelerating vectors and micronised tourmaline crystals, Lierac Coherence L.IR Infrared Lifting Cream produces a virtual "face-resculpting" effect. Skin looks visibly "lifted" and regains optimum firmness. The oval of the face appears ideally redesigned'

Green People Gentle Cleanse 10ml - Usually £15.25 per 200ml

I'm bit disappointed with the sample size of this one, looks more like a lip gloss. Still, I shall look forward to trying once.

Want to liberate your skin from pollutants and impurities? Purify with beautiful Gentle Cleanse. 2 in 1 organic cleanser: make-up remover and face wash. For all skin types.

- Formulated to balance, nourish and moisturise.
- Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties.
- Rich, sensual aroma from pure plant sources.
- Suitable for areas of sensitive skin and safely removes eye make-up (including waterproof mascara).
Caudalie Vinotherapie Nourishing Body Lotion 50ml - Usually £21.50 for 400ml

Now this is more like it, better sample size. I need a good body lotion and this smells lovely and fresh.

Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion is a rich, hydrating body treatment, enriched with plant-derived ingredients that provides intense nutrition and anti-oxidant action to your skin. Unctuous, it encourages micro-circulation and helps prevent premature skin aging.

This nourishing lotion by Caudalie leaves skin gorgeously soft and firm.

Caudalie Vinotherapie Nourishing Body Lotion can also be used by pregnant women as it promotes micro-circulation and can help to prevent stretch marks.

Phyto PhytoBaume Color Protect Express Conditioner  20ml - usually £10.20 for 150ml

Another good sample size. I have coloured hair so I'm looking forward to trying this one. Doesn't really smell of much though.

Grapefruit and sea buckthorn extracts, castor oil, sunflower extract, hibiscus flower acids, mallow extraction (78%).
Phyto PhytoBaume Color Protect Express Conditioner instantly detangles and protects colour-treated or highlighted hair. Sea buckthorn extract has nurturing and antioxidant properties that acts as a cellular protector to lock-in colour and prevent fading. Grapefruit extract combined with hibiscus flower acids seal the cuticle for ultimate shine.

Hair becomes easier to detangle with improved manageability, and is soft and shiny. Colour is protected and vibrant.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing 50g x2 - Usually £12.25 for 500g

Good sample sizes once again. I'm not a huge fan of these salt scrubs, but for me that's more about the texture of salt on me. It reminds me of sand which I hate. Still I'll give it a go.
This is Dead Sea Spa Magik's number one, best-selling product. Suitable for those who desire a highly nourishing exfoliating treatment. It naturally exfoliates without irritating. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant therefore having an anti-ageing and healing effect, and the Coconut oil nourishes and hydrates the skin.

- Helps break down adipose tissue
- Reduces cellulite
- Detoxifies the body
- Increases lymph flow
- Improves blood circulation
- Speeds up cell metabolism and stimulates cell regeneration
- Relaxes the muscles
- Soothes nerve endings.

Also included was a 2ml Lierac Comfort Peel. While I like these little extras Feelunique include, I'd rather a perfume sample.

Verdict: YAWN. What a boring box Feelunique! tut tut. I think that not much thought has gone into this month's box at all, rather it's just been thrown together. STILL I've received good sample sizes (bar one) and the Feelunique beauty box is still free delivery. While a good cleanser or toner is great to try, what people really want are some make up products to sample. This I think is what I think Feelunique boxes are ultimately  lacking.

Anyone else received theirs? Any thoughts?

Tee Dee xx


  1. I was disappointed with mine too, i hate anti ageing products! The make up remover isnt a too bad size because you really dont need to use much of it :)

  2. Great review! I don't get any beauty boxes, but I love the idea! :D

  3. You got slightly different products than I did, but still basically the same. I agree, this is a "BeautyBox" after all, and having a load of creams mostly for anti-aging isn't really what I am after. I hope next months makes up for it though.


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