Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A England - Perceval

Evening all

How are you all keeping? Good I hope. Today I have the second A England polished I ordered, Perceval.

Natural Sunlight



Pretty Percy. This is two coats. Slight application problems compared to Avalon. It was a slightly thinner formula although I'm not the most neatest nail painter. Perceval has a lovely reflective property which means when the light hits, it really glows. Reminds me of a boiled sweet :-) Also a good vibrant shade of red. I'm really looking forward to seeing what A England releases in their new collection.

AND looksy and what came in the post yesterday....Max Factor's new Fantasy Fire :-D

Excuse the poopy pics, but I was in a rush and excited at the same time! Can't wait to swatch this bad boy.

Enjoy All

Tee Dee xx


  1. Wow This is a beautiful Red, lovely. :)) Thanks for sharing!!xxx

  2. Beautiful red!! The Max factor looks exciting!

  3. Perceval is gorgeous, and I am really excited to see a swatch of Fantasy Fire!! I also really enjoy how you use the term "poopy" like me! :D

  4. @Ashesela Thanks :-)Hopefully I'll get some pics up at the weekend. Poopy is a great word, that and 'dollop'...they always make me giggle x

  5. Red is so beautiful!! Has such a good chrome effect in it <3 Need to get some of these polishes.... Cant wait to see that max factor swatched :D

  6. It's really gorgeous on you! So beautiful and sexy! Love it! Can't wait for your swatches of Fantasy Fire too!

  7. I ordered Percevel and cant wait to get it and a very nice friend got me a bottle of that fire! Can't wait to see that either!

  8. Heard a lot of good things about the A England brand - yet another one to investigate x

  9. Max Factor's Fantasy Fire looks amazing in the bottle, I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that one!

  10. That cherry red looks delicious ;)

  11. That is one seriously stunning red on your skintone!



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