Monday, 30 January 2012

Wet N Wild - Sagreena The Teenage Witch

Hello Everyone

Today I have for you one of the polishes I received from the lovely Carla @ Deuce beauties in a swap. I received some amazing polish from her and Sagreena The Teenage Witch was one of the many included. This one however made squeal a little, not just because it's a wonderful green polish, Sabrina The Teenage Witch is my favourite show ever!!


Artificial Light

This is 3 coats, not the best formula in the world but it sure glows. The flash shots are really amazing, and it's green! what more could a gal want?

So while I'm at it I thought I would take you down my childhood memory lane and introduce you to some of my favourite TV programmes as a kid. Wouldn't some of these be a great nail polish collection theme!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

I swear, I'm such a big kid. I have the whole Sabrina collection on DVD.  To be fair, most of my DVD collection is either nostalgic TV shows or modern animation like Studio Ghibli. I can't stand films that are aimed to depress. Give me a good cartoon any day. My favourite character out of Sabrina? Salem Saberhagen of course!

Round The Twist

Round The Twist, another DVD box set in my collection. I loved this programme, it was so different and that little bit more gross then anything else on TV at the time. Particular favourite episode is the one where Bronson finds a green cabbage patch baby.

Moon Dreamers

I just loved this show as a small child. I did have it on VHS although I think I watched it to death.  Queen Scowlene used to scare the hell out of me.  


Ha ha, state of this! How dated does this look? Another show which sticks in my memory. I especially loved it when the contestants flew on the back of the dragon. I could never however grasp the concept of time freezing at that age and always wondered how the contestants ate and went toilet when frozen at the end of the show.

Fun House

I so wanted to be on Fun House as a kid and Finders Keepers. I totally thought my parents were not doing their parental duties by not getting me on the show ha ha. 

And a few others 

My So Called Life 


Five Children and It

Galaxy High

This post was so self indulgent but so much fun!! So, any nostalgic memories? There are so many more to add to this list! Button moon, Thundercats, Racoons, Gummie Bears, Moomins, Stop it and Tidy up... I could go on forever!!! Okay I'm a little obsessed :o) 

Tee Dee xx


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  2. Gorgeous green! love those wet n wild polished, just hauled some myself.


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