Monday, 12 December 2011

One lonely Sally...

Hello Everyone

As I mentioned yesterday, I won't have many posts this week due to my balls up with managing my swatching schedule. I usually swatch on a weekend which didn't happen this week! Doh!

Today I have the only Sally Hansen polish in my collection...the glorious Amber Ruby from the Nail Prisms line. Wish I had some more of these, once again I missed out.

So I may have missed out on most of these, but I have this one, and it's a goodun :-) Amber Ruby is a red/orange/gold/green/ duochrome. This has a super thin formula, this is 4 precious coats. The application brush was horrendous, just a thin strip and extra long due to the shape of the bottle.

So the Prisms line was released in 2002. What has the polish world been doing in the last 10 years!? There hasn't been a collection line like this since. Yes there are long discontinued brands which contained duochromes/multichrome polishes, but Sally Hansen's Prisms line contained over 40, YES over 40 polishes! including shimmers and holos. It puts Models Own Beetle juice collection in perspective really, just a small dot on the duochrome world map.

All I have to say on this matter is,

Dear Santa

For Christmas, could I please have the resurrection of the long discontinued Sally Hansen Prisms. I've been a really good girl and I think they would look pretty on.

Thank you very very much


T xx


  1. It's very unique. I've never seen anything similar to this color :)

  2. I only have one of these polishes as well; Fire Opal. I've only ever used it once, its so thin and like you said the brush isn't the best, but you've managed to get great swatches with yours, it looks lovely :) xx

  3. Oooo i have this -AND ITS A UNTRIED! - how have i not tried this! -* Runs downstairs to get it out!*


  4. @Sarahlouise what have you been doing girl?! run run like the wind :-)

  5. @Cara Seen that one swatched. its nice. It's a shame really we can't add cornflour or summit to thicken these bad boys up xx

  6. Need more Prisms! SH would make a freaking mint re-releasing those 40 polishes!

  7. huhuhu we're the same i only have One Prism from Sally Hansen, and take note it is Amber Ruby too..
    these are my swatches

    hope Santa will hear our prayers.. T_T
    i love Sally's Prisms too..

  8. Fantastic duochrome colours. A pain that it takes 4 layers though. I don't have any old Sally Hansens, just a few relatively recent ones, but some of them are pretty good eg. DVD.

  9. @andy,Haven't got any of the Sally HDs although DVD does look a goodun

  10. OMG! I have this on my wish list! Super pretty!


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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