Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Midnight Holo

Hello there!

After seeing a bazillion A-England Tristam swatches, I knew what I wanted. BUT I'm skint and currently on a 'no buy' ban til after Christmas. Being a student and having a unhealthy love of expensive polish is a not just a bad mix, it's a damn travesty! There is so many polishes I want right now. My budget just doesn't stretch far enough.

So I needed an alternative until January arrives. I dug out one of my favourite gorgeous blue shimmers, Rimmel - Midnight Blue. I painted 2 coats then used 1 coat of my home made holographic topcoat.

These pics were taken on a sunny but very misty day, as the sun was setting. My camera wasn't picking up the gorgeous holo-y effect I was seeing. So I decided to take some indoor flash shots for you all.

Darker then Tristam I think from the web pics? but I love this combo! I had this on for 3 days, I lurvvve it so much. It looks much linear in reality. THEN I thought well...while I'm at it, why not an attempt at a duochrome-holo like an Ozotic Pro Mish Mash? (another polish collection that I will never see *sob*).

Rimmel Midnight Blue + Holo Topcoat + 1 coat Red-Green Colour Changing Topcoat.

I've been seeing  a lot of Galaxy Nails posts in the 31 day nail challenge. I haven't got the patience or skills to attempt the challenge, but I think this wouldn't be a bad 'Galaxy Nails' mani.

What do you all think? Sorry for the huge amount of pics, I get a little over excited :-D

Tee Dee xx


  1. I absolutely love this! You can't go wrong with a holo topcoat over a dark color like this! Absolutely stunning, and I agree, would make an amazing backdrop for a galaxy mani!

  2. Wow, Absolutely beautiful.

  3. WHOA! This is awesome! It's so glowy and... and... beautiful, haha! I love it!

  4. I think it looks totally amazing, and I love the version with the colour changing top coat as well!

  5. OMG I love both the effects!! I have Midnight Blue so at least that's a start haha! xx

  6. *Really* nice with the holo and the colour changing topcoats. Now sometimes you may (just possibly...) go slightly overboard on the effects topcoats - if that's possible :-), but not here - this combo is fantastic!

  7. @Andy Ha ha I agree, Since getting that pigment, I've gone topcoat crazy! AND I've just received some green-blue pigment and gold-green pigment...I'm going to have to control myself when I create them into topcoats :-)

  8. OMG! Beautiful! I must have this!


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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