Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Illamasqua Scarab vs MUA Shade 7

Hello Everyone

Remember I showed you my spider Halloween mani a couple weeks back with Illamasqua Scarab? Well I thought I would show you a Scarab comparison with one of MUA polishes, Shade 7. Why? Because Shade 7 is a whole lot easier to find.

Illamasqua Scarab is on my middle finger, the rest are painted with MUA Shade 7. Only 1 coat of each. Not bad coverage from either. Scarab was clearly a better formula, Shade 7 applied slightly streaky. Scarab is darker and richer, and also contains more golden shimmer. MUA Shade 7 isn't a bad polish though by any means, great value for its price (just £1) plus it's on the same wave length to Scarab. In fact I really love Shade 7. AND guess what? I made a spectraflair franken with these two juicy polishes. I haven't swatched it yet, but keep posted! the first sunny day I get I'll be out in the garden with my camera :-)

Once again I tried my red-green colour changing topcoat, just to see how it would look. So far every time I've used it, it has completely changed the tone of the base polish. I wanted to see how it would work with a red based polish.

Not a bad huh? The lovely winner of my giveaway won a bottle of this, so hopefully she'll like it :-)

Take care and thanks for reading peeps

Tee Dee xx


  1. Red-green colour changing topcoat makes both of these shades look much more different!

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  3. Scarab is a great colour! I'm glad you found a dupe!


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