Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Olympia Beauty 2011

Hello All

Well I've been a serious busy bee in the last few days, I've really struggled to update any posts. Monday I attended Olympia Beauty in Kensington London. I had been looking forward to this for months, I've never attended Olympia Beauty before and I wasn't disappointed! All my favourite nail companies under one roof! I felt like I had died and gone to polish heaven. For those not familiar with Olympia Beauty, it's London's annual trade beauty show.

I have to be totally honest. I'm a bad blogger. I took hardly any photos of my day, and the pics I did get were cack. I was that rubbish my friend took over, probably because she was embarrassed at my photography skills. I swear, I took one pic at the OPI stand, and all I got was a blurred shot of OPI's Touring America collection and the sales woman's boobs! How bad is that! Oh well, my talents must lay elsewhere. Back to the show...

The show was jam packed full of beauty brands, obviously I was hunting for the Nail Polish brands. Stands at the show included, OPI, Misa, Nubar, Sparitual, Color Club, Jessica, China Glaze and so many more...pretty much all the big companies. The best stand for me by far was Nubar.

Not only were their staff extra helpful, they had a huge range of their collections on offer. Unfortunately they didn't have their new collection, the Polished Chic Autumn Collection, but boy they had some good stuff. I was spoilt for choice. Another fantastically organised, but much smaller stall was Color Club. I got a snap of their current Back to Boho Autumn Collection and the new Christmas collection, Beyond The Mistletoe.

The disppintment of the day came from the China Glaze stand. While they appeared to have quite a few polishes and an extentsive range, they had run out of a lot of shades, including Ghoulish Glow from their 2011 Halloween Collection. They was also running low on their Metro Collection polishes. If it's a two day show have enough stock for two days China Glaze please! The stall was a little bit messy too.

I had a brilliant day. The 10th Nailympics were also being held at the show, although I didn't get to see much of it to be honest. I did see some of the entrants designs though. They were amazing. Due to the Nailympics being held at Olympia Beauty, there was endless stands dedicated to nail product and tools (lucky me). There was however still plenty of other products on show, I even tried a liquid collagen drink!

The day wouldn't have been complete without me purchasing a few *cough* bottles of polish. I think I done really well in restraining myself and not buying MORE. Here are some pics of my haul.

OPI - Smokin Havana

China Glaze - Trendsetter, It's Alive

 Lots of Nubar Polishes

Nubar - Raspberry Truffle, Iris Dust, Wildlife, Sun Gold

Gold Aura, Whimsical Coral, Midnight Glory

Sparitual - Howl, Running with Wolves, Can You Dig It

OMG! I can't wait to swatch these. I was a seriously happy bunny when I left the show. I'm already looking forward to next year :-) I also purchased a Stargazer polish, which I haven't got a pic of, shade 245 I think? A representative at the Stargazer stand also confirmed that they no longer retail through New Look Stores. They are still however available online and in some independent stores and boutiques.

Did any of you UK bloggers make it?

Thanks for reading!

Tee Dee xx


  1. wow....So much nail envy lol!

    You got a nice haul there! was there a nice discount?


    And its great connecting the face to the nails =)))

  2. Ah thanks :-)The Sparituals I wanted bad. There was some serious great trade prices. The Sparituals were 3 for £12, Nubar was 6 for £20. One of the Nubars was a discontinuing colour, got that for £2!! The OPI had a discontinued bucket, all polishes in there were £3. All the women were pushing a shoving each other out the way haha x

  3. I love my Nubar raspberry Truffle, it's so nice. I might have to seek out Whimsical Coral. Also the Sparituals look lovely, as you do in tlast picture, very pretty! x

  4. Why thank you! You are kind :-) haha. I very nearly didn't put that pic up! The whimsical coral was my friends influence, and I love it. Very sheer but I think it will look stunning over a creme x

  5. Good to see your post! I'm in London and I made it! Godddd it was good! Re. the Ghoulish Glow selling out, it was still there when I went on Sunday (which was incredibly busy) but I didn't buy because it alters the colour of your mani underneath, so I thought 'mehhhh' but on another interesting selling out/low stock point-
    I got into the show by about 11.30am on Sunday, and it had only started at 10.30- OPI had their brand new Gold Shatter and that had already sold out by the time I got in!
    They underestimate us polish lovers, right!? :)
    I'm following your blog now! Please check mine out and follow if you like it! It's at

  6. @Lacquer London Hello there! My 50th follower. Wow thank you. It was so good wasn't it! The OPI stand was mad, I saw a couple of students just elbowing each other over the OPI discontinued polishes. Polish make people wild lol and they definately underestimated the love of polish. I'll check your blog out now

  7. My friend just told me about this trade show and I'm definitely going to go this year. Glad I came across your post about it, looks like I'll be sharpening my elbows! Actually not looking forward to the pushing and shoving!!

    1. Ah yes, get your elbows ready, the OPI stand was manic. I cant wait to return, must set myself a budget though!


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