Thursday, 1 September 2011

Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique- Nail Tattoos Skull and Cross Bones

Hello All

Since my Andrea Fulerton pics have been generating a lot of interest, I thought I would show you some pics of Andrea Fulerton's Skull and Cross Bones Nail Tattoos. I used this in my mani ages ago but never got round to posting.

I used Color Club Revvvolution as a base and used one of the Nail Tattoos on my index finger. The pics of Revvvolution do not do it any justice because it was indoors, so I will probably swatch this one again for you. The nail tattoo looked great on and removed easily with polish remover.

Purchased from Superdrugs for £1.99


Tee Dee xx


  1. Oh Yeah! I completely forgot about Halloween :-)

  2. I love these, but I hve to be honest and say I couldnt' get them off. I used acetone based remover and they were a nightmare. NEVER again!

  3. @Charlie I don't remember having major problems, but then again I probably just scraped it off :-)

  4. @Sarahlouise Thank you! :-) x


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