Sunday, 18 September 2011

Raspberry Holo Spectraflair Franken

Howdy Peoples

How are you all? Well today I have for you my attempt at a red holo fraken using the spectraflair I acquired. I had one failure at attempting this, but it wasn't too bad as I now have a very nice pink holo franken :-) In the end I cheated. I got a small bottle of Colour Works Red (a red based jelly) and added 3 tiny scoops of spectraflair.

This was taken as the sun was setting so the lighting wasn't great, I took some pics indoors with the flash which shows the holo effect much better.

The red jelly base of the Colour Works polish worked really well with the spectraflair. Hardly any settled to the bottom of the bottle. While this isn't a true red more of a raspberry colour, I still love it.

My dodgy name for this one is Blow A Raspberry :-) My nephew who is 7 months old blows raspberries all  the time, especially when he's being fed, spraying everyone with baby food goo (why is all baby food orange?) So inspired by a cute baby with bad table manners.

P.s Is it Spectraflair or Spectraflare? I haven't a scooby?

Tee Dee xx


  1. Beautiful color! Great for fall! ♥

  2. Ha ha - love the name!
    No way is this cheating - Jelly bases are awesome for the spectraflair and this is just beautiful!

  3. Fantasic holo and I love the name. My daughter is 8 months so I totally get it! Adding specaflair to a red jelly is not cheating. It's perfect.

  4. great name and great polish!

  5. Thanks ladies :-) Glad you all approve, was worried it was a bit naff x

  6. wooow this looks amazing on you!


  7. Thank you! I'm loving making my own polishes. If only I could recreate the new Rescue Beauty Lounge Firebirds Collections. I would be in heaven :-D


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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