Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A bit of Klean fun - Chunky Holo Black

Hi ya all

So this is my 49th post. Wow doesn't time fly when your having polish fun. I want to say a big hi to all my new followers! Hello :-) So chuffed that anyone givse my little page a gander.

Today I have another Kleancolor polish - Chunky Holo Black. This is such an unusual polish, not because of the glitter (that's stunning) but because of the brown jelly consistency. I overdid it buy using 2 coats. Should of just stuck to one.

As you can see it's a brown jelly rather than black, although when indoors it's more darker in appearance. Didn't get an indoor shot though. Sorry.

My application was awful but I thought I would show you the shots anyway. The holographic glitter is really effective in this polish, indoors and outside. This is layered over Rimmel Black. The glitter particles are larger in the Kleancolor polish in comparison to the other holos they produce. It smells a bit  funky but it's worth it.

I'm going to try and get the other Kleancolors I bought swatched, as hopefully I will be putting some new orders in on their metallic range. For $1.75 each you can't go wrong.

Ta ta for now.

P.s 5 days to go til Olympia Beauty (yeah yeah).

Tee Dee xx


  1. I love this!!! The flakie glitter is so pretty!!

  2. Still working backwards through your postings...

    How does this one compare to Nubar 2010 / Gosh Rainbow? I can see that this is in a brown base, but over black it seems pretty similar at first glance. (GOSH Rainbow is one of my all time favourites).

  3. @Andy although looks slightly similar, this contains holographic hexagonal glitter, while Nubar 2010 contains flakes. Haven't got Gosh rainbow unfortunatly. Chunky Holo black is a jelly based glitter, its unusual because of how holographic the glitter pieces are, really striking. This is the only one I think of the Kleancolor chunkys which has hexagonal glitter, the rest have regular holo glitter. I love Nubar 2010 its such a great polish.

  4. OK, so where do you buy Kleancolor (I have seen some of their other polishes on other blogs too...) Is it expensive?

  5. @Andy They are really cheap! About £1.20 per bottle, delivery from this site is a little pricey. They also stock Milani and NYX

  6. I've had a look at BeautyJoint and the prices are good and shipping not too much, so I have put in an order - thanks for the tip!


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