Monday, 12 March 2012

Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed

Howdy Peeps

How's it popping? Hope your all good. Today I have some swatches of Cult Nail's - Toxic Seaweed. This is a first Cult Nails purchase for me, I ordered this and Iconic. 

This is 3 coats of Toxic Seaweed, a green based jelly containing glitter and flakies. Like the combination of this one. The green has a slight teal tone and the glitter and orange flakes really work. I struggled on application though, it's slightly sheer and does require a couple of coats to build up.  Maybe this is due to it having all this wonderful glitter and flakes, the suspension base I suppose needs to be quite thick. I would recommend layering this over a suitable colour or letting the layers completely dry before adding coats. 

Overall I love Toxic Seaweed, the fact it's a glitter/flakie polish which is green gets a massive thumbs up in my books and totally original in my stash. Available online at Cult Nails for $10.00 (around £7.50) although it is a limited shade. 

Tee Dee xx


  1. Love this Tee Dee, I'm getting a few Cult Nails in a swap soon! Including this & Iconic, I literally cant wait!!

  2. Wow love this varnish! Love your blog! Definitely following :)

  3. I love this color so much. Such a gorgeous color!

  4. Beautiful colour. I really started enjoying green shades lately :)


  5. I cant wait till April when they have that sale

  6. Безупречный маникюр!


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