Friday, 30 December 2011

Markwins @ Asda - Baby's Breath

Hello Everyone!

Happy Friday to you all. Today I have a full swatch of Baby's Breath, the green iridescent shimmer I found in the Asda nail gift set I featured here. The set is created by Markwins International the same cosmetics company which own other brands such as Wet N Wild.

Natural Light

With Flash

This is 1 coat of Baby's Breath over Miss Sporty - Black. Has a slight colour shift in natural light, but wow the flash shots really ping. Bet this would look nice over white too. Reminds me of an iridescent beetle.

 Enjoy All

Tee Dee xx


  1. The set was deffo a good find, couldn't find it in my Asda, boo! More swatches of the set please!!

  2. What an interesting polish and then I came to the beetle in your post. I found a similar one years ago (dead). I thought it so pretty I put it away in a container to refer to (I paint things other than nails.) Mine has this same iridescent green but it also has a "duo chrome" appearance. Nature does it all!

  3. Do you know if this is available on its own rather than as part of a set?

  4. @jazzqueen64 Thats a shame, it was a total impulse buy. I'll get some more swatches up :-)

  5. @Catkin Nature is a wonderful thing, I've only seen a stag beetle once ever in real life which was sitting in my garden. Quite amazing seeing as I live in London.

  6. @Andy I don't think it is available, unless Mawkins have released this shade in one of their other cosmetic lines. Possible dupes could be OPI Electric eel or illamasqua Hemlock

  7. This one is very pretty!


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