Friday, 23 December 2011

Asda Nail Polish? Huh?

Hello All

I thought I would share with you a interesting nail polish set I picked up in Asda. Yes Asda! Usually supermarket gift sets are rather pants, but this one caught my eye.

Baby's Breath over Rimmel Black

Sorry about my crappy pics. I'll try and get some of these shades swatched properly. The set contains 10 nail polish shades, including two holographic glitters, a pink polish containing white flakes and a iridescent green shimmer. It also contains cuticle remover and massage cream and nail files. Price? an economical £9.99!! The star of the show is Baby's breath it reminds me a lot of OPI Electric Eel.

Some of these polishes I think will be great for layering.

Found any good Xmas polish sets?

Tee Dee xx


  1. Theyre all gorgeous, definitely going to look out for this set!

  2. jeez thats amazing! i wonder how quickly they chip but that baby breath one is fairly nice!!!

  3. haha i didn't know Asda sold these, i think NewLook or Next sold those nail polish and they seem alright to me too, quite affordable haha :)

  4. Oooooo good find, off I go to Asda!

  5. Oh wowwww!! I want it!

  6. Baby's Breath is a good one! The burgundy one next to it on the nail wheel looks nice, too, but yeah, Baby's Breath steals the show!

  7. @Lindsey R, I agree, the burgundy one is very nice also. A few in the pack are really nice. The red creme is really good as well.

  8. I got this set for christmas and the glitter polishes works so well! Great review.



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