Monday, 5 December 2011

New Barry M - Lilac Foil Effect

Hi ya all

Well its Monday again! Boo!! Although the holidays are creeping closer. Today I have for you Barry M's most recent addition to their Foil Effects range - Lilac.

This is 3 coats of Lilac. Application was slightly streaky as with the other foils, although slightly better than the Silver and Gold Foil. I tried a little stamping for you using a random Bundle Monster plate over Me Me Me -Wild. The stamp didn't come out great because I'm poop at stamping, although it does show you how well Barry M's Lilac stamps (which isn't too bad).

I actually quite liked this combo, quite feminine looking considering how 'un-girly' my tastes usually are. Available exclusively from Superdrugs for £3.99 for a limited time only.  

Have you tried any of the Barry M Foils? Anyone yet found the Croc Effects?

Tee Dee xx


  1. Love this! It kind of reminds me of those old Sally Hansen Chromes =)

  2. he he it is good to know that i´m not the only one who isn´t that good at stamping, but practise makes perfrct ;) Anyway I think your stamping looks ok and I like this mani! It looks pretty!

  3. @Miss K Thanks :-) I think it's becuase I have no patience lol

  4. This is a beautiful manicure! I love the accent nail

  5. I really like this colour :)
    I'm deffo going to buy this :)

  6. I have not tried Barry M at all-I need to though! This is so pretty!

  7. I like this dusty color but finish is distracting me, it just looks to hard to apply nicely but I can see that you managed to do it properly and nice


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