Saturday, 24 December 2011

LA Girl Addict - Intoxicate

A very merry Xmas to you all!!

I haven't got a Christmas mani for you, tried a little stamping yesterday and it failed miserably! So I thought I would show the final polish out of the LA girl addict collection which I got from Cherry Culture - Intoxicate. My application was slightly sloppy on this one for some reason. I did try to be neat, honest. I just had one of them days when your really clumsy for no reason.

                                                                      Direct Sunlight


                                                                 Indoors with Flash

Eeek! sloppy application but swit swoo what a stunner of a polish! Intoxicate is a rich plum shade containing the same golden shimmer we've seen in the other two polishes I swatched here and here. The golden shimmer only really shows under artificial or direct sunlight. But look at that glow! AND nearly a one coater like the other two. These are currently still for sale on Cherry Culture online for $2.50 each (approx £1.60).

On another note, after seeing the upcoming Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze (google it if you haven't) I was like "Hunger Games? Huh? Who??" (Yes I'm light years behind everyone).  I've now bought the first book, and I'm currently at chapter 6. I'm liking it a lot although I keep on picturing Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Running Man for some reason?

Once again, enjoy your day tomorrow!!

Tee Dee xx


  1. Such a gorgeous color!! I love the golden shimmer it has.

  2. I see a large order from Cherry Culture in my future... I so need this (and many of the other Addict polishes) in my life!

  3. I didn't know it, but it's beautiful !!

    PS : sorry for my English : i'm French :)

  4. This one is very beautiful!

  5. Gh! I placed an order on Cherry Culture few days ago and I didn't know this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G polish! Damn! >_<


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