Friday, 17 February 2012

Hits Speciallita Mari Moon - Dreamer

Hello Again

Thought I would fit another sneaky post in before the weekend, as I'm not going to be around much. Here is some swatches of the third Hits Mari Moon polish which I got in my last Llarowe haul - Dreamer.

Natural Light



This is 2 coats of Dreamer. Wow, this looked spectacular on! The application brush was perfect on this also, so not all the brushes are dodgy in this collection. Dreamer is a bright purple/blue/fuchsia/orange duochrome. Formula was also really good. This one applied the best compared to Unconventional and Cool

You know what this means? I now need the rest of the Mari Moon Collection :-) I'll have to save the pennies for a couple of weeks, as i'm on a no buy for a month :-(

Currently out of stock on Llarowe, although if this one becomes available, I recommend it.

Tee Dee xx


  1. That is pretty! I love duo/multi chromes!

  2. sigh, so pretty... i cant stop scrolling through your pics of this.

  3. Yes indeed, another stunning duo chrome polish, and blue / purple is one of my faves, so at least I have some like this already, inc. one I picked up while on hols a couple of days ago in the US... Sally Hansen Grape Going - though I gather that needs layering over something dark as it is quite sheer. Sadly I suspect that Dreamer is way more duo than any I have already, even managing to squeeze some red in there, so it'll go on my wanted list! Please stop finding so many great polishes so often :-) Just a few boring ones so we know that not everything you find is utterly stunning :-) Just kidding, great post.

  4. such a lovely colour!! xo

    pebbz |


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