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Feelunique Beauty Box - February...Best box yet?

Hello Folks

I'm blogging real late tonight. I wanted to get this post out before tomorrow as I won't get a chance otherwise. My Feelunique box arrived this morning. Here's what was inside...

Decleor Phytopeel Face Peel Cream 15ml (RRP £23.40 for 50ml)

Really excited to get a Decleor product as I've never tried their brand before. Smells quite nice, the lavender doesn't overpower too much. The cream has a pearlescent effect which I like although it doesn't leave horrible shimmer everywhere. 

Feelunique write:

A soft cream formula which exfoliates and smoothes the epidermis. It gently absorbs and eliminates impurities, and does not contain exfoliating particles, the gentlest and most natural way to renew your skin. It:

- Helps cleanse skin and removes impurities
- Removes dead skin cells
- Helps stimulate the cellular renewal process

Your clean, healthy and smooth skin recovers its even texture and has a healthy glow.

Directions for use: Use once or twice a week. Apply a generous layer to face and neck. Allow to dry. Gently massage, using upward circular movements. Remove excess with a cotton pad soaked in Tonifying Lotion.

Active Ingredients: Essential Oils of Marjoram, Lavender, Thyme and Lemon, Plant Extracts of Burdock, Elder Tree and Mallow, Green Clay.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-usage dry oil 10ml (RRP £17.00 for 50ml)

Another product I'm really excited to try. I've never used a dry oil before, and it completely absorbs into the skin. Smells quite nice too, not too sweet or cloying.

Feelunique say: 

Multi-usage dry oil for face, body and hair.A favourite of Elle’s Beauty Director, Emma Smith:

“Slather this on dry legs as soon as you jump out of the shower to keep your legs smooth and moisturised. It smells delicious.”
Huile Prodigieuse is a dry oil with a unique superactivated formula combining 30% Precious Plant Oils and Vitamin E to nourish, repair and soften face, body and hair in a single gesture.

Benefits: Face and body are soft and velvety. Hair is supple, glossy and full of volume.

Active Ingredients:A unique cocktail of 6 Precious Plant Oils (Borage, St Johnswort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut, Macadamia) with a subtle fragrance for a velvety skin, silky hair and an improved overall aspect of stretch marks.

This oil is suitable for all skin and hair types regardless of age (from 36 months onward).

Apply on your face, body and hair all year long, in the summer as well as in winter.

Tips:- Mix a drop of Huile Prodigieuse with your foundation: it will glide smoothly on your skin without clinging.
- Pour a small amount of Huile Prodigieuse in the palm of your hand and gently ruffle your hair for a natural effect.
- Pour a few drops of Huile Prodigieuse in your bath for a blissful moment.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 40ml (RRP £12.25 for 75ml)

I've been wanting to try this for ages, I've seen it advertised on QVC many times, but never got round to ordering it. Has no fragrance I can detect, possibly a putty/clay like smell. 

Feelunique say:

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer should always form part of your routine to continuously improve or maintain the quality and behaviour of your hair. Extremely broken, damaged hair – whether the result of chemical over processing, physical trauma or poor health, will also improve with concentrated use of Elasticizer. More frequent use of this intensive treatment formula will restore suppleness, elasticity, shine and bounce.A favourite of Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr:

“It feels gooey, but rinses out entirely weightlessly and manages to leave hair deeply nourished and shiny.”

Elemis Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash 100ml (RRP £18.40 for 300ml)

I LOVE ELEMIS! Although the brand is slightly out of my price range at the moment, so excited to receive one of their products. Like the fragrance of this one too, actually quite spicy and masculine smelling. Feelunique you've made me one happy bunny! 

Feelunique state: 

This fresh hand and body wash is a beautiful exotic fragrance of lime, vetiver, petitgrain and ginger essential oils, combined with plant extracts of thyme, nettle and chamomile, in a soya, wheat and milk protein base. This skin friendly formula is deep cleansing, whilst the rich creamy lather is super gentle, leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean, soft and nourished.

 Use Elemis Sp@Home Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash in the shower morning and evening, or as a hand wash throughout the day.

Lime, Vetiver, Petitgrain, Ginger, Thyme, Nettle, Soy, Wheat & Milk Proteins and Chamomile.

The Elemis Promise - Elemis Sp@Home Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash is free from: parabens, SLS, SLES, DEA, mineral oils, artificial colours & silicones.

Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Nail Colour Viva La Diva 4.6ml (RRP $11.00 for 12ml)

Another beloved bottle of polish wooooo! Slightly disappointed it's another coral/pinky colour, shame we can't put down preferences (I so want you Ink Jet). But pleased to see a polish sample in the collection. Can't complain, the shade fits in with the 'month of love' theme the box has going on. 

Feelunique say:

High performance nail colour. Easy to apply, long-lasting and chip resistant. Colour that doesn't fade and keeps a high gloss shine day after day.

Ensure nail tips are smooth and even and the nails are clean, dry and free from any oily residue. Apply a base coat to the nail and allow to dry.

The Leighton Denny base coat, Undercover, dries matt to help grip nail colour and tell you that it is time to apply the nail colour. Roll the colour bottle between the hands to mix it up; never shake it as this can cause air bubbles.

Apply two thin coats over the base coat rather than one thick coat. This helps reduce chipping and extend wear time. Wipe one side of the brush on the neck of the bottle so it holds just enough to cover one nail. Present the brush to the nail about 2mm away from the cuticle then push the brush towards the cuticle before making the usual sweep back towards the tip.

Ideally, finish with Crystal Finish topcoat to help seal the colour and again extend wear time. Tidy any mistakes with the Precision Corrector Liquid. Dip the brush into the bottle then use the brush like an eraser to remove and tidy. 

For the fastest finish, drip a little Miracle Drops over the polish to speed up drying time.

Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico 1ml (RRP £31.05 for 50ml) 

The only real disappointment of the box and it's the little perfume sample. Absolutely stinks, can't work out if it is male or female scent? Reminds me of the cheap deodorant the boys used to wear at school, think Lynx Africa but gone off. I love men's Jean Paul Gultier Pour Homme, this is just ghastly. 

Feelunqiue says:

A powerful, dynamic, aphrodisiac fragrance: the raw cocoa bean collides with the sprightly freshness of the fig leaf and livens up the timeless elegance of woods.

A striking and unusual bottle. With a trick of the eye a man's face is shown when viewed from the front and turns into a sexy and virile torso in profile.

Olfactory family: Woody Cocoa.

Top notes: Fig Leaf.
Middle notes: Raw Cocoa Bean.
Base notes: Woods. 

Final thoughts...Love this months box! Really makes up for January's one. 

UPDATE: I received an email from Feelunique on 9th February informing me that they will be ending the Beauty box as of this month :-( so it appears they have saved the best til last. 

Tee Dee xx


  1. I think this box was great too, i got the silver polish though, the elemis bottle was such a surprise!


  2. Can't wait for FeelUnique to ship their beauty boxes internationally


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