Friday, 10 February 2012

Kiko Magnetics

Hi All

Some Kiko news for you...

'Magnetically charming nails KIKO presents Magnetic Nail Lacquer, 8 new polish colours with special metallic particles for a sophisticated Nail Art effect.

You just need to apply a thin layer of Magnetic lacquer and bring the appropriate KIKO magnet close for a stupefying effect: in a few seconds the nails will be dressed in elegant lines to be directed as you like with the simple movement of the magnet.

Thanks to the special metalized finish, the nails put on a unique and captivating show.
By applying a dark base polish, the effect of Magnetic Nail Lacquer is even more defined: for an extremely trendy Nail Art in a single gesture.'

700 Misty Mauve

707 Charcoal

706 Deep Green

705 Emerald Turquoise

704 Purple

703 Wine Red

702 Copper Red 

701 Wood

Nail polishes available from (here) $4.90 each. Magnet £1.90 each. 

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