Thursday, 18 August 2011

Accessorize Illusion Nail Polish - Pink Spice

Hello All!

Where has England's summer gone? We've had about a week of sunshine and that's it! It will be blooming Christmas soon! To brighten up my day I had on this lovely number, Accessorize - Pink Spice. A stupendous glittery glass flecked red polish with slight duochrome red/orange finish. This was 3 coats I think.

Pink Spice is supposedly a close dupe to MAC Bad Fairy and OPI The Show Must Go On. I haven't got Bad Fairy but I do  have The Show Must Go On, so I thought I would do a comparison and paint my index finger with the OPI colour.

As you can see, OPI The Show Must Go On is a much brighter red and has less of a duochrome effect. The polishes however do have the same type of finish and are very similar. I only have a mini bottle of the OPI shade so finding a close match is cool with me. I think I prefer Pink Spice anyways it's a bit deeper in colour and cheaper at £4.00 a bottle.

Hope the weather ain't too bad where you are!

Tee Dee xx

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