Sunday, 28 August 2011

China Glaze - Flying Dragon

Hi Peoples

How are you all? I'm so happy it's a bank holiday this weekend! Not that I'm doing much ha ha! Today I have for you China Glaze - Flying Dragon. Now, a lot of web posts appear to moan about this polish, but I think its a great colour. Yes it dries quickly and yes it's not a brimming over the top glitter. But it's unusual and it stands out. Flying Dragon is a neon purple matte polish containing blue and purple glitter. I don't understand why folks can not accept this polish for what it is. Matte, Glitter, Neon. Simples.

And here is Flying Dragon with some topcoat slapped on (literally slapped on, most my pics were unusable because of my slap dash application tut tut).

Now this polish looks a lot better than it does here. There's much more better images on the net. So check it out. 2 coats and 1 coat topcoat. I had no problems in application although some have reported that it's slightly runny and can bleed into the cuticles.

Hope you have a wonderful bank holiday Monday!

Tee Dee xx


  1. Hi again - still working my way back through your blog - another fantastic polish and one of my favourites if I want something really bright! Your picture with the topcoat is very odd though... See like you like a lot of the same polishes as me! By the way - I see you went to Torquat for a break - I grew up there! I no longer live there though. I better stop now and go and back for a couple of days away!

  2. @Andy, eek yeah these pics ain't great lol, Torquay is beautiful, had a great time.


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