Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nfu.Oh UK News

Hello Readers

Another post for today, I don't think I'll be around tomorrow. Too much housework and errands to do (BORE). Below is some Nfu.Oh Uk news but be warned (LONG ASS POST).

After hearing that the UK distributor for Nfu.Oh was launching a non-trade online store I couldn't wait to purchase some of them amazing polishes. Well the site is up and running. Debit card ready, I clicked on holo shade 63 ready to purchase and then WOWZA the price was extortionate! £17.95 (that's around $27 dollars) for one bottle!!! My dreams of holo and flakie goodness was crushed.

I was that annoyed I contacted the distributors. I asked them If they could shed some light on why us UK customers are expected to pay more then double in comparison to the prices advertised on the Irish and American distribution sites. Why is it the UK consumer gets a raw deal huh!? I wasn't expecting any sort of reply, but a couple of hours later I got a very well written reply from a very nice gentleman at Affiniti Nail and Beauty Supply (UK distributors of Nfu.Oh).

They explained that they welcome feedback good or bad. They also said that they understood that the prices appear higher than those on the trade only site, but worldwide distributors (including themselves) have been guilty of displaying trade prices where anyone can see them. They say retail price is roughly 50% of the trade price. They said that things will be shortly changing and sites will no longer be able to display trade prices to the public. Affiniti also went on further to say that they have been careful of who they have sold products to on their trade site and have refused orders if they felt customers did not meet their criteria (hmm, funny that I have two products from this site but guess I was just lucky huh)

They will however be running promotions throughout and one which was currently running in Cosmopolitan Magazine where you could get 33% off online.

The reply was really polite and well written. I actually felt bad for moaning. They even offered me a free gift as a token of appreciation (which *cough* I never received). I mentioned the excitement of some of the blogging community at the prospect of being able to buy the full line, they said that they appreciate the support the bloggers provide. The company will be discussing ways in which they can help reduce costs for blogging members (ones that contribute). They said that the blogging community could have opened up another type of account to be considered. Whilst I think this could be great, bloggers might start popping up just to get a discount.

Affiniti said any further feedback would be welcome and to send it their way. Despite this, there is no denying the quality of Nfu Oh products. I still want those flakies and holos, but I'll have to save a little harder for them. Instead of buying loads, it might just have to be one or two on special occasions or if I win the lottery. You never know :-) I haven't fed back to Affiniti that I'm a blogger, or that I'm going to post their feedback. I don't want them to think that I'm doing it because I'm a new blogger and I want to cause a storm or I want attention. I was just disappointed in their new retail prices. I love nail polish, and I have no problem spending money on polish but the prices are still hard to swallow.
Now just because it IS STILL a fab brand, here is Nfu.Oh #40 to feast your eyes on. The only *sniff* Nfu.Oh Flakie I own. For now...

Without Flash

With Flash

Yum Flakie Goodness :-)

What do you guys think? Will any of you British nail fans be purchasing from Nfu.Oh UK?

Tee Dee xx


  1. great article sweetie - this is something close to my infuriates me that living in the uk, we constantly have to face this to get the brands that are *yum*

    ill defiantly shout up if it helps get a discount! =) ...Hmmm i love there holos


  2. I felt a bit bad but I had to have a moan :-)I looked on their site today and their most popular polishes seemed to be sold out. SO they must be selling x

  3. I don't have any of polishes of this brand. But is so expensive that I think I will never have one unfortunately.

  4. Its a bit rubbish really that they are that expensive. I think that definately certain polish customers (students etc...) will be excluded from their market. Deborah Lippman is the same. I don't own any of her polishes. I won't until someone buys me one :-)


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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