Monday, 8 August 2011

Andrea Fulerton Trio Nail Polish - Smile in a Storm

Hi Everyone

Today I have Andrea Fulerton - Smile in a Storm. It took me a while to purchase one of these as I thought they were slightly on the expensive side (£7.99 each). I caved in though and purchased two, this one and Petrol in Water. The Trio system is basically polishes designed for layering. The bottle is double ended and contains 2 polishes which can be worn on their own or layering them over each other for a third colour/effect. Not a bad idea that.

The first polish is a gunmetal grey polish. Perfectly on trend with polishes like Chanel Graphite being recently released. Not saying it's a dupe but rather it's in the same area of metallic finishes. Here it is on it's own.

And here it is with the second polished, a sheer pink-purple duochrome layered over the top. I did swatch this on it's own, but my nails looked manky (sorry).

Reminds me of a bubble for some reason. The gunmetal looking polish was a bit of a pain to apply. It was a bit stodgy so I only did 1 coat. Drying time took ages as well. The idea is a good one although I do think these formulas could be improved for better application. Colour was lovely, really striking. I will try and get some pics done of the second Andrea Fulerton Trio I have. Purchased them both from Superdrugs.

Have you tried any of these trios? Any thoughts on the concept?

Tee Dee xx


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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