Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nails inc - Chalk Farm

Hi Everyone!

Today I have for the the first ever Nails inc polish I purchased - Chalk Farm. I adore this colour, a light cornflower blue. Nails inc is a great brand, although their prices are a little hefty. QVC UK usually does some good collections though.

My only beef with Nails inc polishes is that they don't age very well. Soon as the air hits them, 'bam!' they start thickening up. I did hear advice from the Nails inc woman on QVC that you should keep any polish in a cool place, she even suggested in the fridge. Dunno if I'll start storing them next to the milk and cheese but maybe nail companies could start thinking about a nail cooler or something...Dragons Den here I come.


  1. Great colour!
    I haven't heard the advice of putting nail polish in the fridge but I think I'll be giving that a miss too!

  2. I never get on with Nails Inc polishes, their formula seems abysmal for the price. Maybe I need to invest in some thinner because their colours are gorgeous :)


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