Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Not just another Green - Nubar Reclaim

Hi ya

Well half of the week done! Not like I'm wishing my life away, but the weekends are so appealing. Today I have for you another holo, not just any holo a green holo - Nubar Reclaim. Youv'e probably see it a bajillion times, so one more pic won't hurt.  Green is my fav, so a green holo is going to be top in my books. Wonder if Nubar will bring anymore holos out? Their Prism collection is pretty, but not like Reclaim.

Only needed two coats, dried completely smooth! If only all polishes applied so beautifully.

Just a note to any readers, as you can see my nails are not natural. It's not because I'm lazy or uneducated about the perils of acrylics, I know exactly the damage acrylics can do to the nail. Unfortunately I have to wear latex gloves for work, which not only damages my cuticles and dries them out, it makes my nails break at a very short length. *Sigh* I can think of no worse fate then not being able to grow even nubbins, so hence why I have acrylics. I've tried sooo many nail strengtheners but none seem to protect my nails from the damage the gloves do. If anyone has any tips or solutions, I would be grateful for any advice. Until then plastic talons it is.

Until Next time, toodles.

Tee Dee xx

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  1. I got this polish the other day and I'm in love with it, my 2 year old kept looking at it wide eyed! My nails used to break all the time but I used Sally Hansen Diamond Hard nail strengthener and they grew really well ( still use as a top coat). I also drank lots more water which I hate doing and they were less brittle.


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