Monday, 29 August 2011

Revlon - Facets of Fucshia

Hello Everyone!

Nearly September! Gosh where has this year gone!? I swear I can hear Jingle Bells already. Today I have for you Revlon's new shade - Facets of Fuchsia. Apparently a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance. Haven't a clue on this as I'm a polish pauper and I can't afford it :-) Facets of Fuchsia is a purple based jelly containing silver regular and hexagonal glitter. The glitter looks fuchsia because of the purple jelly. A glamorous polish, perfect for the fall/winter season and dare I say Xmas parties :-S

Started off with a base of Rimmel Black 60 seconds and used 2 coats of Facets of Fuchsia. I tried Facets of Fuchsia on its own and got opacity in 4 coats, but it ended up a pretty thick mani. No topcoat used. Purchased from Boots in store for £4.29 although I used my loyalty points and got it for free.
Am I being too premature about Christmas? or like me can you feel the frosty chill of Santa breathing down your neck (I do actually like Christmas though!)

Tee Dee xx


  1. I love this shade, it looks great on.
    I haven't got a great deal of Revlon polishes but I had hoped they would have a slightly thinner formula. I put on Guava yesterday and it was a bit thick.

    Today feels a little cold, I don't really want to think about Christmas but I like the sense of autumn in the air.

  2. Thank you Meeta! It was a bit cold today, Aumtumn is definately in the air! Haven't got many Revlon's either in my collectiion. Guava looks a fab colour but I haven't tried it x

  3. Thanks OPI Addict! It looked great on. My friends were cooing over it like a baby :-)

  4. yup...this post only made me go and buy it today lol

    thanks for this...omg its awesome!

    did i ever tell you i love that your from the uk!

    /Mega hugs!!!

  5. Ah Thanks! That's so nice! :-) x


Thank you for your comments, I appreciate every single one of them :-)

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